My Progamming Adventure!



  • Head First HTML with CSS
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  • Head First HTML5 with Javascript
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  • CSS Pocket Reference
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App and Web

  • UDemy

This is the start of my programming venture. Well...sort of. I did a lot back in the 90' remember GeoCities?!
So this page will change over the next few days/weeks/year. What it will be - I don't really know yet. At the moment I am relearning HTML, with the addition of CSS and Javascript. After that comes C#, Java, you name it...My goal? Career change! I have always loved programming and I am finally taking the steps to make it my career.
Once I provide the means, feel free to comment or make suggestions on what you see. Oh...and I am leaving the first page setup stuff until I am ready to put up a better opening page. Don't worry - it wont be long!

UPDATE! So opening soon will be my kid's "Book of Dragons" - right now it is very very ugly. Apparently the good old frameset is no longer used. I have some learning to do with CSS. Actually - ugly does not do it justice. It is just BAD! But that is ok. It will be fixed soon enough.

As you can see, there has been some updates. Most notabley is the inline navigation menu with selected page highlighted and a color change when you hover over it. Next in store is dividing up this page using a table option that show a "blog" style main page and an aside that includes the resources I am using to teach myself - possible with a status bar. Baby steps! For now I will post here - I have made it through the Head First HTML with CSS book and am just starting the Head First HTML5 with Javascript. I have also signed up for a Udemy Web Developer Boot Camp course. I did a bit of Java with one already and have to say, at least my experience so far - it is fantastic. With the exception of grades, it was pretty much like sitting in class. Equally as good as the Python course I took in school. back soon with lots of updates!